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A New Era of Business Education for Personal Trainers

We’re an accessible platform for personal trainers, offering streamlined education to assist in setting up and building a successful fitness business.


Delivering Streamlined Business Education for Personal Trainers

Stryke delivers streamlined education for face-to-face personal trainers to equip them with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to succeed as entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.

Impactful Education

Stryke fills the void between acquiring a personal training qualification and achieving success in the fitness industry by equipping individuals with the essential tools and knowledge required to establish a thriving personal training business. Our self-paced online educational platform empowers students to assume control of their learning journey, offering personal trainers everything essential for their path to success.

Guided Support

Entrepreneurship can be isolating and lonely – that's why our students have access to professional support from mentors via live weekly webinars, and online support from a community of like-minded students. Stryke acknowledges the value of shared learning and promotes student interaction and collaboration.

Empowering Success

Stryke is built on the success of its founders and the hundreds of PTs that have been coached and taught by us. We provide up-to-date, comprehensive education that results from years of professional knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring the highest quality education for our students.

Financial Freedom

From sales and marketing to branding, pricing, and contracts, Stryke presents a comprehensive program that transforms personal trainers from feeling uninspired to consistently fully booked. Through our distinctive approach, we assist qualified PTs in achieving the financial freedom that accompanies the operation of a prosperous business.


Available Courses

PT Business Mastery: The Road to 6-Figures

Continue your education after becoming a qualified personal trainer with Stryke’s personal training business courses, which guarantee growth and maximise your success potential. Equip yourself with the tools around how to run a successful business and succeed in the fitness industry.

Course Cost

PT Business Elite: From 6-Figures to Multi 6-Figures

Elevate your success and join the elite circle of personal trainers who don't just thrive but dominate in the fitness industry. This course is meticulously crafted for high-achieving personal trainers like you, who have already tasted success and are hungry for more. This is not just an educational journey; it's a transformational experience designed to skyrocket your business from a solid six-figure foundation to the exhilarating heights of multi-six figures. Here, you'll delve into advanced strategies that go beyond the basics, exploring innovative business models, cutting-edge marketing techniques, and client retention secrets that only the top echelons of the fitness industry know.

More courses are coming!

If you’re interested in expanding your education even further, stay tuned for our new courses, dropping soon!


Achieve Professional Success With Our Personal Training Business Courses


Education Led By Experienced Instructors

Stryke is the pioneer of business education for fitness professionals, creating an affordable and credible online fitness education course. The first of its kind, our business education for personal trainers is led by experts who have had first-hand experience in the challenges that PTs face - and we know that with the correct education, the journey to success and financial freedom is undeniable. We believe every personal trainer should have the opportunity to reap the rewards of the fitness industry and thrive – not just fight to survive.


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