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PT Business Mastery: The Road to 6-Figures

After becoming a qualified personal trainer, continue your education with Stryke’s online business course for personal trainers. Discover the tools you need to run a successful business and find success in the fitness industry. This course will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to succeeding as a personal trainer!

Course Cost

PT Business Elite: From 6-Figures to Multi 6-Figures

Having mastered the essentials of building a six-figure personal training business, it's time to elevate your success to the next level with Stryke’s "PT Business Elite: From 6-Figures to Multi 6-Figures" course. This advanced online program is specifically designed for personal trainers who have already achieved significant success and are now ready to scale their business into the realm of multi-six-figure earnings

More courses are coming!

If you want to expand your education further, stay tuned for new on our new certifications, coming soon!

Our Features

Stryke's user-friendly platform makes it easy for professionals to master the art of managing their fitness businesses. We provide industry-leading insights and guidance, empowering you to not only achieve financial independence but also to reach and help more people.

Hundreds of hours of education

Stryke’s Personal Trainer Business Education Course offers countless hours of in-depth training on how to build and sustain a successful personal training business.

Ready-to-go templates for your business

We provide students with templated customer-facing documents for session tracking, goal setting, client agreements and more, to save you time on designing and creating, allowing you to focus on running your business.

24/7 web-chat support

There’s always going to be questions when you’re running a new business – that's why our fully integrated FAQ and answering service is available to help you with what you need, whenever you need it.

Community hub

Interact with your fellow students and learn from others experiences in our application. This community space provides an environment for trainers to feel less alone on the journey of building a business.

An introduction and walkthrough of your student dashboard. We will be showing you how to navigate the platform, learn effectively and tap into your vast support network.

This will allow you to have complete autonomy over your learning and guarantee your success with us.

We want you to notice immediate results and that will only happen if we look at how our business is operating week to week.

This is where you will receive our state-of-art business tracker enabling you to see exactly where your business stands and where it is projected to go.

90% of trainers fail to track important data, which leaves them clueless on where their business stands. Our students won't be one of them.

Here you will find the most efficient way to structure your business. We include the exact framework used by all our success stories and has taken over 700 PTs to 6 figures and beyond.

We provide you with everything our trainers use to make sure you can deliver the highest quality of service while charging a price that reflects that.

This includes:

- Our one-of-a-kind Pre-exercise questionnaire - giving you the perfect process to make sure prospects convert to paying clients with ease.

- Our iron-clad Terms and Conditions-Ensuring you operate safely.

- The most user-friendly software to manage the intricacies of your business.

- How you can keep our clients accountable and fixated on achieving their goals.

- How to masterfully price your service

- How to professional pitch and sell your training

- Our simple process to ensuring you get paid on time, every time automatically.

- How you will be able to price your service at a point that is competitive, but also shows the value of it.

The complete set of tools and documents to ensure you have a fool-proof business.

There are so many ways to sell, but what works best for Face-to-Face Personal Trainers? We have boiled down the most effective way to turn your prospects into paying clients. Every step, broken down into easy to digest and implementable pieces.

If you've never been an expert at sales, that's all about to change after you complete our sales masterclass. You will have the most straight forward process our trainers use to get a consistent close rate of over 75%.

With this also comes our complete onboarding procedure to make sure your clients don't get those after-sale second thoughts.

To be best, you have to think like the best and that comes down to your mindset. We are going to uncover how to reprogram your mind and rewire your thoughts to give you clarity and conviction through this entire journey.

Once you can see what you're capable of, we give you the resources to ensure you will be the best possible trainer.

This includes:

- Our drag and drop client coaching systems.

- How to prescribe nutrition advice based on your limitations as a Personal Trainer.

- Our proven workout routines to maximise your client's progress - This will relieve the extra countless hours of building programs for each individual client.

After you've completed this, you will be primed and ready to grow your business at a rapid rate.

The most sought-after section in our whole course, where the fun begins, our tailored, easy to implement marketing strategies that cost you nothing to run.

After just the first strategy, you will truly see the power of Stryke. Most of our trainers average a 100+ leads in their first week using this exact method and it is detailed in its entirety.

We have over 10 organic, repeatable, premium marketing strategies that will never leave you questioning where your leads are coming from.

From passive to active organic lead generation strategies, this section will open your eyes to the capabilities of 6 figures and beyond from the very first day.

Are you brand new or just feel your gym isn't the right fit for your business?

We have you covered with our in-depth breakdown of how to pick the right gym for your absolute success. You will find out exactly what you need to look for to ensure you are growing your business in every personal trainer's dream.

Another bonus coming your way that most of our trainers need, given their busy schedules, is our Time to Manage Time module. We uncover how to accommodate your ever-increasing schedule and conquer the hurdles you will face.

Here we tackle the not such a bad problem of being fully booked and how to go to the next level.

You will learn what needs to be done to break through the glass ceiling of being time poor and pave the future for a successful, happy, financially free life.


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