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The New Era Of Business Education For Personal Trainers Is Here

Stryke’s success is flipping the script. Our driving factor is shifting the 80% drop-out rate of personal trainers who become qualified within their first six months. We’ve been in the industry, instructed over 700 clients, and impacted the lives of many – now we’re putting that in our business courses for personal trainers. Stryke’s mission is to educate qualified personal trainers with the relevant information they need in their fitness business, continuing their education so they’re able to thrive, not struggle to survive.

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Stryke represents the culmination of the knowledge acquired by its founders during eight years of collaboration with over 700 Face-to-Face Fitness Professionals. Through countless success stories and continuous refinement of methods, Stryke emerged as the definitive and all-encompassing source for PT business education. Our ultimate goal is to become the foremost resource for every Face-to-Face Personal Trainer worldwide.

Meet our team

Simon Finch
Founder & CEO

Simon is a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur who has left an enduring mark on the personal training industry. His wildly successful journey as a PT propelled him to establish Pinnacle Fitness Consulting, responsible for over 700 success stories and recognised as the industry's leading coaching organization for PTs.

Driven by his determination to make a broader impact, Simon embarked on the Stryke journey eight years into his mission to become the most influential coach in the field with Co-founder, Jude. With unparalleled experience and knowledge in the industry, he aspires to expand his legacy even further, casting a wider net to help more people succeed in the fitness profession.

Jude is a highly motivated and successful entrepreneur who has significantly impacted the fitness industry. After creating a multi-6 figure personal training business over numerous gyms, he collaborated with Simon to develop a highly successful PT consulting company helping over 700 PTs globally. Additionally, he has grown and scaled multiple businesses in the health and wellness, healthcare, and beauty spaces.

Jude is a visionary with a passion for changing how we learn. He believes that traditional education methods are outdated and is always exploring innovative ways to help people reach their full potential. His approach stems from wanting to create an all-encompassing education platform that is the authority in personal training and soon-to-be other fields.

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Our team is always happy to help – any questions you have, please submit them here and we’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

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